The H.A.N.A. Initiative - Special thanks to  POWER2ENDURE.ORG

The Stats: In 2015, 8,807 youths were diagnosed with HIV in the United States. Eighty percent (7,084) of those diagnoses occurred in persons aged 20 to 24. Among youth diagnosed with HIV in 2015, 81% (7,109) were gay or bisexual males. Of newly diagnosed males, 55% (3,888) were black, 24% (1,672) were Hispanic/Latino, and 16% (1,159) were white. In 2015, 1,489 youth were diagnosed with AIDS, representing 8% of total diagnoses that year. A valuable visual.
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Our Purpose: To get a hard copy of the HANA Initiative Project to every college or university in North America. To inform North America about the dangers of HIV/AIDS.
You can find my lists of books and credentials by searching:
Our Slogan: Spread the word about HIV/AIDS - not the virus!
My Contact: Steven Jones HIV/AIDS on any search engine
We are now an umbrella under this non-profit organization:                                    
My name is Steven Jones. I have been HIV positive for twenty-one years. And rather sitting idly by and do nothing, I have decided to do something. 
Our GOAL: To have a copy of The College Edition –The HANA Initiative in every college in North America.
There are 4800 listed colleges and universities listed for North America. They serve seventeen million-four hundred eighty-seven thousand (17,487,475) students in 2016
The HANA Initiative Project   FREE E-BOOK      Volume 2 HIV/AIDS NORTH AMERICA Listing of both e-books and soft copy editions
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